Better Ads + Better Audience = Better Results

Digital advertising doesn’t have to be expensive.
But it does need to be done right.

Lot Boys offers dealerships an arsenal of proven solutions to maximize ROI and help move metal. We cut our teeth in lot service, which grew into photo/video merchandising solutions and is still part of our business. Advertising solutions have been a primary focus since our early days—thanks to our innovative Dynamic Video Inventory Ads that target in-market vehicle buyers with appealing vehicles and tell them a full-motion video is one click away. Our latest social efforts are now marketing service departments to customers & area households. We also feature other modern inventory-based advertising options like Google’s Vehicle Listing Ads, Search and Dynamic Video creative.

Automotive. Marketing. Solutions.

Lot Boys has three core strengths you can harness. It starts with our singular focus helping retail automotive dealerships & groups get better returns, on the lot or online. We offer modern marketing & merchandising that support vehicle sales, service and purchase. Most importantly, we work with you to deploy custom strategic solutions that prove their worth on a monthly basis.

There’s lots of reasons dealerships love hiring Lot Boys.

We deliver Unmatched Expertise showcasing dealerships to local shoppers & buyers in the US. Lot Boys has grown from window stickers to dynamic digital and beyond. We know what works and what’s coming next.

We engage Top Technology to improve targeting, optimization, analysis, attribution & even creative production. Today, that means automotive-focused AI combined with industry-leading market intel.

We capitalize on Data-Driven Solutions. This includes database marketing, campaign analytics, audience generation, campaign reporting and budget recommendations. We get results and prove ROI.

We offer Strategic Capabilities supported by industry-leading marketing solutions. You’ll have access to today’s most sophisticated ad tech and a team that’s not afraid of to come u p with new ways to use it.

You get Personal, Professional Service from day one with Lot Boys. We offer the latest in analytics & attribution, but always presented in a no-nonsense manner focused on improving results.

Leading Facebook ad solutions for sales, service and purchase:

  • Dynamic Inventory
  • Custom Audience
  • Moved Vehicle Reports
  • Service Offers/Ads

Effective, efficient automotive ads on Google's top vehicles:

  • Vehicle Listing Ads
  • Dynamic Search
  • Dynamic Display

Full-motion vehicle merchandising videos & dynamic ad creatives:

  • On-site Photos/Videos
  • New/Used Inventory
  • Auto Loads to VDP
  • Dynamic 30-second Ads

Getting started is easy—just call or fill out the Contact Form. Once we have a better idea of your dealership’s needs, we’ll provide a simple, reasonable plan to make it happen.

Our goal is to become the most dependable—and effective—part of your annual marketing plan.


Corporate taglines, strengths, messages & promotions.


Dynamic campaigns to efficiently move more metal.


Ad campaigns & components to increase revenue.


Marketing to secure more vehicles from consumers.

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